Support Issues

Support Issues

Spousal support is often the most contentious issue in any divorce proceeding. The outcome can have a significant financial impact on both spouses for a long period of time.

If you were economically disadvantaged because of the marriage or if you are in need of financial support upon separation, you may be entitled to spousal support.

Alternatively, if your ex-spouse is making significant spousal support claims, you need someone to negotiate, litigate and resolve your dispute.

In both situations, spending some money on legal fees at the start can result in significant savings over time. Ensure that you are receiving the spousal support you deserve, or you are not paying any more spousal support than you are legally required to pay.

Read this blog post that discusses the difficulty in appealing  spousal support order, after it has been made. Don't reach the point where you can't undo what has already been done. Get the legal services you need from the start.

Child support amounts are set by federal and provincial legislation. While in most cases it is very clear how much the parent is to pay, there are circumstances where legal experience will help. If the parent earns income through a closely held corporation, that person may demonstrate very low levels of income. Hearty Law is here to help.

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