Services We Offer At Hearty Law

Going through a separation or divorce is a very stressful time. Hearty Law can help reduce the stress and work with you toward a fair and amicable resolution that will allow everyone to move forward in their new lives. Hearty Law will help with Separation and Divorce Agreements, Support Issues, Parenting Issues, and all other Family Law services and needs.

If your separation has complex financial issues, Hearty Law is the ideal choice to assist. Whether the issue is related to spousal support or child support, pension issues or identification of assets, you require a knowledgeable family and divorce lawyer in Ottawa working on your side.

Whether you have been let go from your job or denied a long-term disability claim, our employment law firm in Ottawa can help you get what you're owed so you can live your life. Experienced employment lawyer in Ottawa in professional discipline and employment law issues, Hearty Law, is highly regarded for sound and practical advice and will help you during these difficult times.

Parenthood is a journey filled with love, laughter, and challenges. Sometimes, relationships face difficulties, and parents may find themselves navigating the complexities of child custody arrangements. When facing such emotionally charged situations, having a dedicated and experienced custody lawyer by your side can make all the difference.

At Hearty Law, we understand the profound impact that divorce and family law matters can have on individuals and families, and our team of skilled divorce lawyers and family law professionals is committed to providing expert legal services with empathy and unwavering dedication.